STICKS…and Stop!

10 Jan

Today starts the Music Together 2011 STICKS semester. I first heard this collection in 2002, when my son was about 18-months-old and I was just getting to know the Music Together program (the STICKS semester was our second). I first taught this collection three years later, in 2005, and “Spin and Stop” was my hands-down favorite song. Still is, really, which is why I’ve named this blog in its honor. The song epitomizes so much of the Music Together spirit and philosophy — it’s not in a major key (the tonality is Aeolian, for those music theorists out there); it’s “in three,” like a waltz; it’s got almost no words; it invites us to sit and sing, dance around, play instruments, or even sing it as a lullaby; and it lets us play with the wonderful silence that comes after the “stop.” Think of a typical song that children grown up hearing in the U.S. “The Wheels on the Bus?” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat?” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?” They’re all the same kind of song: in a major key; “in four,” like a march; lots o’ words. With only those songs available to our children, their musical brains and ears would grow up under-nourished (like if we fed our children only noodles, with no fruits or veggies…ever).

The song “Spin and Stop” feeds our children’s musical development, and my hope is that this “Spin and Stop” blog feeds their grown-ups, too, in a deeper way — with fun stuff, fascinating tidbits, and delicious “food” for our grown-up musical brains.


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