Ah-choo! (ah-choo) Ah-choo! (ah-choo)

19 Jan

Did anyone else notice the older children in class this week fill in their own sneezes in between the “Ah-choo”s in “I’m Freezing,” right in the space where we grown-ups were tapping our laps. Here’s something that’s harder to notice: the younger children are developing the ability to do that, too, but all their work is happening INSIDE, so we can’t see/hear it. After we chant, “Ah-choo,” their brains are working in that lap-tapping space to be able to hear what we just said — to be able to “audiate” the “ah-choo”s in the chant. Keep doing the chant at home, in the car, on a walk (if it’s not too cold), knowing that you’re giving your children the chance to develop musically right in front of you. It’s not visible or audible now, but one day they’ll start sneezing right along with you.


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