“It changed the whole tone of the morning…”

25 Jan


This morning in class, one mom said that her son was having a hard time getting moving (who doesn’t on these cold days?), so she sang, “Joey wore a blue shirt, blue shirt, blue shirt / Joey wore a blue shirt, all day long.” Guess what? He put on his shirt! Then, her older daughter wanted a piece of the action, so the mom started singing about what she was doing (or, what she ought to be doing), too. “It changed the whole tone of the morning, ” said the mom. We talked for a couple of minutes about how we forget about these tricks, about singing or chanting, to shift the energy of a morning, of bath time, of the dinner hour. Let’s remember, and all our lives will be so much easier (and more musical)!

Note: In case you’re wondering, I changed the boy’s name. So, if you’re in one of my classes — nope, there’s no Joey. šŸ˜‰


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