Don Alfredo…Pumps His Arms!

7 Feb

There are quite a few YouTube videos out there with children dancing, singing and otherwise grooving “Don Alfredo Baila!” In the video I’ve included here, a little boy (Tyler) grooves in his baby way, really showing us his “characteristic gesture.” Babies first move musically in irregular, reflexive ways, without much coordination. As they develop rhythmically, these disjointed movements morph into a “characteristic gesture” — a movement that occurs repeatedly and is specific to that child. In this video, Tyler’s characteristic gesture is pumping his arms. My son had this arm-pumping characteristic gesture, while my daughter’s was pushing and pulling her legs in and out. If your child is still in the baby-stage, can you spot what her/his characteristic gesture is? Or, if your child is older, can you remember what it was? As children develop, you might be able to still spot the gesture (for example, my arm-pumping son would sometimes still look like he was getting ready for take-off when he was three and dancing around the room). Let me know what you notice at home!


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