A Little More “Tailor & Mouse” From Burl Ives

11 Feb

A Music Together center in Pittsburgh posted a link on Facebook to Burl Ives singing “The Tailor & the Mouse.” As soon as the song clip started playing, I remembered that we had a tape (yes, an actual, old-fashioned cassette tape…) of Burl Ives singing children’s songs that we played around the house when my now-10-year-old son was a baby. This song was on that tape, which was long-ago destroyed by that same child’s desire to un-spool every cassette he could find. (We found that brown stringy tape all over the house, all shiny and crumpled and ruined. Thank goodness for the relative indestructibility of CDs.) Anyhow, here’s the link to hear a bit more “Tailor & Mouse” — who knew that the tailor had a mouse AND a silk hat?

“The Tailor & the Mouse” – Burl Ives

P.S. Burl Ives’s “Mr. Froggy Went A-Courtin'” was my hands-down favorite song to listen to as a child. I nearly wore a groove in that record, growing up. (Yes, an actual, even-more-old-fashioned 33-LP record…)


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