Sometimes a Rhythm Pattern is Just a Rhythm Pattern

18 Feb


Last week, a mom, her daughter and her husband were hanging out at home and singing. At one point the daughter started chanting a little something, then gestured to her dad to repeat it. They did this a few times and then the child said, “OK, now let’s make up a song.” Confused, the dad said that he thought that’s what they’d been doing! The daughter looked at her father (and I imagine here that it was one of those you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me kind of looks) and said, “No…those were rhythm patterns.” Those rhythm patterns and tonal patterns that we do in class really are the building blocks of music, and it’s great to hear about children playing with them at home (after we play with them in class).

Try this at home: Try a few call-and-response patterns of your own. It’s cool when your child actually starts repeating your rhythms or your “do-do-do” tones. (And it’s even cooler when they start ’em on their own and ask you to follow.)


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