Never Say Never

4 Mar

OK, so when my 8-year-old daughter started making noise about wanting to see the Justin Bieber docu-movie, I cringed. I don’t have anything against The Biebster (in fact, I don’t understand why so many people knock him), but did I really need to see thousands of tweenies screaming for him, and in 3D, no less?! Apparently — yes — I did need that. My daughter and I saw the movie last weekend and I loved it. Didn’t want it to end. Crazy, right? Listen, I enjoyed the music, the dancing, and the vast numbers of kids I saw singing at the tops of their lungs. JB’s story (at least the version told in this movie) is compelling, and I was rooting for him the whole way. There are even a few hilarious self-mocking moments that make him seem even more like a “normal” boy (which he’s not, I totally get that, but I allowed myself to be swayed while in the theater).

From a music development perspective, there’s an interesting section in the movie about the house where he grew up: His mom was a teenager when she had JB, and her teenage friends would come to  her apartment and hang out (’cause that’s what teenagers do, after all), and they were musicians. They sang and played guitar, bass, drums, etc., and JB was right there in mix. Between that home scene and his church (also musical), JB seems to have grown up in an environment filled with music (which explains, at least in part, how he could drum some amazingly complicated rhythms as a four-year-old — the home movies are ridiculous!). Now, not everyone with a rich musical home environment is going to become a Justin Bieber, but I will hazard to say that it’s harder to become a Justine Bieber without it.

I’m glad I volunteered to accompany my daughter to the JB movie (while the rest of my family saw something with far fewer screaming tweenies in it). When I first saw the previews I thought, “Well, I won’t be seeing that movie.” Know what? Never say never.


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