I’m Like a Kid in a Zumba Class

9 Mar

After hearing people rave about local Zumba classes for a couple of years, I finally tried one. (Surprise: I love it!) Now, if you’re in one of my Music Together classes, you know I like to get my move on (“Well, at least I don’t have to exercise today,” said one mom a few weeks ago), so it’s not surprising that I like the up-tempo, up-energy of a Zumba class. Even more fantastic than the hip shakes and salsa legs, though, is the overall attitude: It’s about having fun, not about getting it right. Now, that’s right up my alley.

In Zumba class, I feel like one of the children in my Music Together classes — I see what the “grown-ups”  (the experienced Zumba-ers) are doing,  I try the moves in my own body, and the two don’t necessarily match. But, instead of expecting that I’ll “get it right,” I let myself play (like a kid would). Sometimes the swish of my hips looks just like the teacher’s, but more often than not I’m still missing the mark. Once, I looked in the mirror and saw a look of smiling-concentration-wonder on my face, and I later thought about how many times I’ve seen that same look on a child’s face in music class.

I love that we let children come to a place of eventual mastery in their own way, at their own pace in Music Together, and I am thoroughly enjoying being on the kid-end of music development in Zumba. I think I’m getting a peek at what it’s like to be a kid in a Music Together class, and I’ve got to tell you — it’s a whole lot of let-me-be-me fun!


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