Balls: Seeing the Music

10 Mar

It’s “Ball Time” in my Music Together classes. We either have been or are about to roll all our little balls ’round the room, and here’s a little extra ball fun to play with outside of class.

Try this at home: Put on some music — any music that has a good beat — and grab a bouncy ball (tennis ball, basketball, playground ball, etc.). It doesn’t matter what your child is doing, but you might want to give her a ball of her own (or she’ll be grabbing yours). Take a seat and bounce the ball on the floor to the beat. (Bounce, catch. Bounce, catch.) When you’re ready to change it up, toss the ball in the air and catch it — again, on the beat. (Toss, catch. Toss, catch.) Ready for a change-up, again? How about a toss-catch followed by a bounce-catch? (Toss, catch, bounce, catch. Toss, catch, bounce, catch.)

No matter how you do it, the cool thing about ball-music is that your child is watching the beat travel through space. Not only is she hearing (or feeling) the impact of the ball as it hits the floor or your hands, but she’s seeing the entire length of the beat — the time it takes for the ball to get from your hands to the floor and back again. It’s like seeing music (kind of trippy, I know, but what an awesome idea…).

Have fun — and let me know how it goes!


One Response to “Balls: Seeing the Music”

  1. Susan Darrow March 11, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

    Anne, these are great ideas! I bet most parents don’t recognize balls as “musical toys” and your post gives us a clear picture of why this is true. Thanks!

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