The Horse Was a-Galloping, But the Cowboy Was a-Lookin’ Out the Window

12 Apr


While we were riding along to “William Tell” in class this morning, one little boy left his mom’s lap to take a look out the window. His mom, to her credit, kept right on galloping away as if her little cowboy had never left the saddle. After ten seconds or so of checking on cars and buses out the window, he turned and spent the rest of the time watching all the bouncing and brrrrrum-bum-bumming. He was 100% engaged in the class activity, even though he wasn’t sitting on a lap, singing, or even moving a muscle. For reasons only he knows, that’s how he needed to process music at that moment. (And now I think about how the class must have looked from his vantage point — all that lap-bouncing and smiling and singing. It must have been dazzling to his eyes.) How wonderful that his mom (and the rest of the class) gave him the space to experience the song on his own terms.


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