Are you driving? Are you driving? Brother John. Brother John.

27 Apr


Singing rounds is a great way to make live harmonies around your children (and, as they get older, with them). And, the car is a great place to sing rounds. First off, don’t we all sound better singing in the car? And, since we’re focused on driving, everyone looking straight ahead at the road, singing together in the car doesn’t feel as intimidating as, say, singing at the dining room table. (Of course, that’s a great place to sing, too, but that’s for a different post.)

Everyone knows “Frere Jacques,” so next time your family’s all together in the car, why don’t you see if your spouse/partner will sing a little “Frere Jacques” round with you. Maybe put the MARACAS CD on in the car and sing along together first, then turn it off and keep the round going. (If they need some convincing, tell ’em how good rounds are for your children. SEE: My last post.) Your child will absolutely LOVE it. Trust me. (And, it’s a fantastic way to make a long car drive a bit more fun, more joyful, and more musical.)


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