The “Hello Song” Foot Stomp

28 Apr


In class this week, a little girl was lying down on her grown-up’s lap during the “Hello Song,” fingers in her mouth, looking very laid back and disengaged. Now, I know her well, so I know how engaged she really was, even though she didn’t look it. But something else gave her away, too: Her foot. For the entire song, she was stomping her right foot on the beat, absolutely in time with the song. While she looked detached, she was actually 100% connected to the song and to the class, just in her own way.

Since this little girl is about three-years-old, she may be working on anchoring the beat in her lower body (a consistent beat usually emerges first in the upper body and then works its way down to the lower body). If so, it makes sense that she would let her upper body go limp and then concentrate all her energy in her legs and feet. If her grown-up had taken her arms and moved them for her, that would have interrupted her own practice and feedback system. Instead, we all just let this little girl lie there, limp as can be, having a foot-stomping good time.


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