Pound That Nail, Eidle Dum, Eidle Dum

10 May


I’ve had quite a few dads come to class lately, and I always try to “man” up the experience a bit. (For example, I try not to have us dance around like ballerinas when there are a couple of big, burly dads in the room.) Now, I know that there are gung-ho dads who wouldn’t mind twirling around at all, and I don’t mean to stereotype, but some dads just need a bit more testosterone in music class activities.

This got me thinking about dads making music at home. I realized that my “Try This At Home” examples might be expanded to the tool bench. Why not sing along to some home improvement stuff, like: “Pound that nail, eidle dum, eidle dum / Pound that nail, eidle dum dee,” or, “Listen, listen, everyone, listen to me bang my hammer.” (Look, they really don’t have to rhyme…)

No matter what the dad does in your house — hammer, paint, fix the car, make breakfast, grill the burgers — I bet you can find a way to put it to song.

(Note: In my house, I’M the hammerer and painter and all-around fixer, so don’t think I’m all 1950’s in my thinking. But I know there are lots of dads who prefer the tool belt to the apron.)


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