Think, Think a Song

17 May

This week in class, we’re playing with “Hop Ol’ Squirrel,” with half the room singing, “Hop ol’ squirrel,” and the other half singing, “Eidle dum, eidle dum…” The 2nd time through, the “squirrel” group sings their part, as usual, but the “eidle” group only thinks their part. Then, we switch the 3rd time around, so that the “squirrel”s get to take a turn thinking (and not singing) their part. What a fun way to play with audiation!

Remember that song from Sesame Street: “Sing, Sing a Song?” Well, we’re still singing, but we’re also spending some time just thinking a song, too. When we think the music — hear it inside our heads — we’re audiating. And, we’re giving our children the chance to audiate, too. If our kids are ever going to “Sing, Sing a Song,” they’ve got to “Think, Think a Song,” first. (I almost wrote, “Think, Think a Thong,” but that’s a very different kind of post…)


I know I said it in class, but it’s worth repeating:  See if you can get another grown-up at home to be the “squirrel”s or the “eidle”s, and you can take turns singing and thinking the song. Or, if you don’t have another grown-up to play with, then just pretend you’re two people and take turns with yourself! Watch what your child does, too, during the “thinking” parts. In class, we’ve noticed children laughing, staring expectantly, moving their arms and legs, vocalizing one or two notes, or filling in the missing parts. Whatever your child does while you play this game, it’s great to take notice. Have fun!


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