Hop, Ol’ Mom

19 May


This just in… A mom emailed me to tell me about this great game she and her two children came up with while singing “Hop Ol’ Squirrel.” They were hopping on large stones encircling a tree and singing about what they were doing. It all started with squirrels hopping, but then they switched from hopping to wiggling and jiggling (and avoiding falling into the “moat”!). They also changed the “squirrel” to their own names, which tickled the children to no end. (The mom, however, would have been fine not hearing the kids sing, “Hop, ol’ mom…”)

I love what this mom said at the end of her email, too: “Maybe when I’m truly old, this song will come back to me, and I will catch an extra spring in my step.” Oh, yes, I wish that for her. If there’s any fountain of youth on this planet, I believe that music is the thing.

I’d love to hear other parents’ and caregivers’ stories, too. Please email me at anne@annesailer.com, anytime.


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