“Tsakonikos” in Greece (or: Check Out The Pom-Poms on That Guy!)

26 May

Remember “Tsakonikos,” the song we’ve been dancing to in class that has a “surprise beat?”  (We’ve been counting: “1-2-3-4-surprise!”)  Here’s a video clip from Greece of people doing the real dance, dressed in authentic costumes. What’s especially neat about this clip — thanks to the pom-poms on the men’s shoes — is how you can really see the dancers feet as they move to the five beats in this song. Can you see the right-left-right-left-pause in their feet? (They “pause” where I shout, “Surprise!” in class.)


Put on the Maracas CD, play “Tsakonikos,” and try out the Greek right-left-right-left-pause way of moving to the song.  Maybe we’ll try this circle dance in class next week, too.  Who knows…I might just bring some pom-poms for our shoes…


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