Learning All That? From Just Fooling Around?

2 Jun

My two children have been taking piano lessons for a few years from a fantastic teacher here in Montclair. She’s a Juilliard graduate and taught Kindergarten in the New York City public schools for over 30 years, and I like her combination of musical prowess and early childhood educational philosophy. I often talk about Music Together with her after my kids’ lessons (surprise, surprise), and she asked if she could sit in on one of my classes, just to see it all in action.

So, last week Joan-the-Piano-Teacher came to my Tuesday morning class. At the end of the class, I went over to her to thank her for coming. She took my hands in hers, squeezed them hard, and said, “Oh my G-d! I can’t believe how much music theory you’re teaching while you’re just fooling around!” She started making verbal lists of all the things I did in class that she was going to take back to her piano teaching practice. “I learned things,” she said, “from just watching you fool around. Imagine what I can do with my students when we fool around like that together!”

Music Together children truly are learning an amazing amount through the way we play with music in class. (And the adults are, too!) Just ask Joan-the-Piano-Teacher. I bet she’s still raving about all that fooling around.


One Response to “Learning All That? From Just Fooling Around?”

  1. gillian June 6, 2011 at 2:30 am #

    This is such an amazing story! I’m hunting for classes for Russel and I to attend over here in Singapore and I haven’t had much luck getting a good fit. Hopefully Kindermusik works out for us. Send my regards to everyone in class!

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