I’m the Tree; He’s the Apple (a singing apple!)

19 Jul

OK, this time the “Mom” is me, but it still counts…

My family spent last week at the Jersey Shore (the beach, not the TV show), sharing a house with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and nephew. One evening, while my brother-in-law and I were fixing dinner, he commented on my son’s tendency to sing snippets of songs throughout the day. “Gee,” he said, voice laden with sarcasm, “I wonder where Jacob gets his habit of randomly breaking into song.” I looked up and realized that I’d been singing a bit of this and a bit of that all through our dinner prep. I knew that my son had this habit, but I didn’t recognize it in myself at all.

I say in class that when we do musical things — sing, dance, bang pots and pans, march, whatever — our kids will follow suit. They can’t help it! Like baby ducks that imprint on their Mama Duck and follow her wherever she goes, our children watch us and are virtually programmed to want to do what we do. (I learned early on in parenthood to change my vocabulary while driving…) I really do sing here and there throughout the day, and my kids do the same (though my daughter’s tendency wasn’t as evident during our vacation). It’s lovely to catch a glimpse of my musical self in the mirror of my children — and to know that every family in my Music Together classes can pass along their own musical habits to their children.

Now, I wonder what other habits I’m unwittingly passing along! I hope they’re all as good as the tendency to sing…


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