“Shake those raindrops down”

21 Jul


It’s hot, hot, hot here in NJ, and this week a mom and I came up with a fun idea for a water-play game. If you’re out in the yard playing around with the hose, maybe squirting the water here and there, try singing “Shake Those ‘Simmons Down” while you play. We brainstormed changing the words to “Shake those raindrops down,” but you could sing anything you like.

Imagine this: “Circle left, doo-oh, doo-oh,” while you spray left-hand circles with the hose; “Circle right…,” while you spray circles to the right; and, of course, you can shake the raindrops down by spraying the hose high into the air so they rain down on your child. You can make up all kinds of hose-play movements and words!

How much fun to add the happy-making effects of music to our attempts to cool off on these hot (potentially grumpy) days. Speaking of cooling off and happy-making, maybe I’ll try to “shake some ice cream down” tonight. I think I could sing THAT song for hours…


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