She’ll Be Climbin’ Up That Mountain…

7 Sep

I’m still thinking about the woods these days, and in particular about a hike we took with our children and our camping friends this summer. We mapped out a hike that wasn’t too long for the kids but was long enough for the grown-ups. Sadly, the only trail combo that fit that bill started out going straight uphill (and I mean really uphill) before leveling out and staying level for the rest of the journey. To say that my children were unhappy with this hike is an enormous understatement. One of our friends started singing something we’d sung around the campfire the night before: “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain.” We all joined in and sang a few of the usual verses, and then we started tailoring the verses to fit our hike. We sang, “She’ll be climbin’ up that mountain…,” and, “Her legs will start to hurtin’…,” and, “We won’t let mom take us hiking when she comes!” (That last one came from my kids, in case you hadn’t figured that one out.) As painful as the uphill portion of that trek was, I can honestly say that singing made it easier — for everyone. (Heck, just being able to complain about me in song made my children a little bit happier!) None of us cared about how we sounded or if the words fit into the song — we just let the music shift the mood and make the journey more bearable and more fun.


The next time you’re in the midst of a tough hike, or a traffic jam, or a rough night at the dinner table, maybe you can bring some music around the mountain, too, to lighten the mood a bit. (And don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself in song, too…Your kids will love it!)


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