The One-Bye Game

29 Sep

In my classes, each time we put away eggs, sticks, scarves, etc., we sing “bye-bye,” on two notes from the song we just sang (for music theory people out there, we sing “5-1”). This week, I’ve been playing a little game I call “The One-Bye Game.” When the children are right next to me, putting eggs back in the bin, I sing the first “bye” but leave off the second. In every class, I hear the second “bye” — on a hum, behind a pacifier, in a fussy protest, or on a word. And, since I know how music development works, I know that the children who aren’t vocalizing the tone out loud are hearing it inside their heads. It’s so cool!


When you’re putting things away (toys, clothes, groceries, etc.), sing “bye-bye” like we do in class. Then, after you’ve sung that for a little while, try leaving off the second “bye” and see what happens. You might hear the note from your child, or you might see the wheels turning as she/he is hearing it in her/his inner ear — or both! And, let me know what happens…


2 Responses to “The One-Bye Game”

  1. Megan Peterson September 29, 2011 at 12:23 pm #

    I can’t wait to get back into class when the baby can sit on his own so we can start having these experiences again! I notice so many more music theories in real-life practice with August after having taken your class for so long with Amelia. Thank you! Can’t wait to start working on my chatty little guy 🙂

  2. gillian September 30, 2011 at 11:33 am #

    You don’t know how much Russel and I miss being in your class! We’re taking other classes back here in SG but its just not the same! Oh my! I can’t wait to be back!!

    p.s. I love watching Russel respond to the songs I sing from the CD.(yes, I’ve stuck to my Music Together CD because its way too awesome). These days he sings “bambambam” when I start “Listen, listen everyone!” and sings “ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ” in the notes we sing “cockadoodledoo” when I start the song. Its just soo amazing!

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