5 Oct

Last weekend we had dinner with friends, and I got to play an actual, honest-to-God, didgeridoo. A “did-ja-what?” When you listen to “Down Under” on the Bongos CD, the rumbling/droning instrument that you hear is a didgeridoo. I’d never seen one up close before, so I was very excited. I puckered up and blew into the didgeridoo like a trumpet (which I played in high school) and got a clear note, much higher than I expected. Then my daughter, Molly, “burbled” her lips into it and got a rumbling sound just like the one in “Down Under.” Imagine…my daughter, a didgeridoo  savant!

Here’s a YouTube clip of a didgeridoo in action. I love how the aboriginal player is using so much more than his mouth to play the instrument — watch his neck, chest, abdomen, and even how he keeps shifting his hands. The sounds he brings out of this instrument are amazing. Next time I’m invited to dinner at the didgeridoo house, I’m going to try some of what I see him doing…though I’m pretty sure I’ll keep all my clothes on.


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