Guess What’s Gonna Happen in Class This Semester

9 Jan

The BELLS semester is finally here! Guess what’s gonna happen in class this week (and every week of this semester): Your children are going to grow musically by leaps and bounds. How do I know that? Because the research on early childhood music development shows that it’s absolutely true. Here’s the quick and dirty summary:

  • Every child is wired to develop musically. (And this music development starts while they’re still in the womb!)
  • Music development/learning follows a simple formula: Exposure + Fun + Play + Exploration = Learning. (Our children will teach themselves!)
  • We grown-ups model singing, dancing, and music-play, and our children do what we do…but in their own way. (They might stare, jump, or suck their thumbs…as long as we’re making music, that’s what they’ll learn!)

So, remember that it doesn’t matter how you sing, but that you sing. It doesn’t matter how you dance, but that you dance. It doesn’t matter how your child plays with the drum, but that she plays with the drum. It doesn’t matter how your child experiences the music, but that he experiences the music.

I can’t wait to play with all of you this semester!

P.S. If your child learns to sing when you sing, guess what she’s learning when you talk? Let’s sing as much as we can in music class…


2 Responses to “Guess What’s Gonna Happen in Class This Semester”

  1. Megan Peterson January 11, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    Can you believe how engaged my little man was in his first music class?! There’s no doubt in my mind that everything in this post is true. I saw it with Amelia and see it even more so in August. I’m so happy I decided to bring him at 8 months – the sooner, the better!

    • annesailer January 12, 2012 at 6:35 pm #

      I know it!! I kept thinking, “He was drumming and singing with me while he was still in his Mama’s belly!” Thank you for being such a dedicated musical Mom…

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