And when the two-year-old sang to the one-year-old…

19 Jan


This week I witnessed an amazing musical conversation between a two-year-old boy and an 11-month-old girl right after class. The boy came up to the baby girl and started lightly stroking her arm and singing, “La, la, la,” on his own personal note. After a minute or so, he took a few steps away towards his mom, and the baby sang out, “Ah, ah, ah,” on the 5th note of the scale above his “la-la” note. He turned around and sang his “la” again, and the baby replied with her 5th note above. Truly remarkable! I bent down towards the baby girl and did my own playing around with the little boy’s note (waggled my tongue, blew raspberries with my lips), and her reply to me was on a different note–this time, the 3rd note of the scale above the boy’s note. This baby heard the boy’s note as the resting tone of his “song,” and then vocalized the two strong notes of the major scale–the 5th (to the boy) and the 3rd (to me). Making music isn’t magic…it’s just part of our natural make-up!

So, whether or not you know what note of the scale your child is singing, she or he is singing something. Sing it back to her or him, to get your own musical conversation going…and let me know what happens!


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