Guess What Dad Noticed?

11 Feb

STORY FROM A DAD (as told by a mom)

A couple of weeks ago, a dad (who isn’t able to come to Music Together class) was spending some one-on-one time with his daughter (who IS able to come to class!). When he and his two-year-old got back home, he told the mom that he noticed their daughter doing something new–she was tapping along to music on the radio and going back and forth between a little beat  and a big beat. She was experimenting with something we do a lot of in class–playing with the little/micro beats and the big/macro beats. This family just started coming to Music Together, and I’m so excited that their little girl has started fooling around with different beats on her own. EVEN MORE exciting is that her dad noticed what she was doing!! They’ve started playing with those levels of beat at home, too, which is fantastic reinforcement of what the little girl is learning right now (and also models having fun with music as a family).


It’s easy to play with levels of beat at home. Sing a song you like–on your own, or along with a CD or the radio–and just tap a beat along to the music, with your hands, with your feet, or even a with a pencil on a table. After a little bit, think “double-time” and tap a smaller beat. Then try doing that smaller beat with two hands (or pencils!) instead of one. Then, for a real pop of contrast, switch to a really big beat, tapping only at the beginning of each phrase in the music (don’t stress about it, just feel where the next “sentence” of the music starts). Honestly, it doesn’t matter at all if you’re getting the beat “right.” Just trying to get it is the important thing for your child to see. More than anything, have fun! Your child will probably start tapping along with you, too, which is great payback for your efforts.


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