Shakers on a Plane

27 Mar


One of my Music Together families just came back from a trip to Eastern Europe, where they visited family in their homeland. They were worried about their one-year-old daughter feeling out of place in a foreign country with a foreign language, so they brought a treasure trove of things from home to keep her grounded in the familiar. Included in this “home bag” were the Music Together CDs and songbook, egg shakers, baby maracas, and a little drum. The mom shared with me that they kept the long airplane trip manageable by singing and wiggling to Music Together songs in their seats (and shaking those shakers!). I can only imagine the looks and (hopefully) smiles they got from their airplane neighbors.

Once in Europe, the family held their own mini-Music Together classes throughout the trip, including extended family members. The mom said that the music helped the little girl feel more settled, and she developed a closer bond more quickly with the previously-unfamiliar family members because they shared in making HER music.

What an inspired idea this family had! The de-stressing nature of music made it a perfect choice to bring along on the journey, especially since the little girl’s Music Together routine is so joy inducing for her and for her parents. Anyone else contemplating a long trip this Spring or Summer? Might I suggest taking along some shakers for your plane, too? The folks across the aisle would likely much rather hear a family sing than a child scream, and everyone will be a little less stressed on the trip.


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