About Anne Sailer + Music Together

My name is Anne Sailer, and I am (among other things) a Music Together teacher. Music Together is a rich, ever-evolving program that has brought me — and countless families — incredible joy. Based on the (research-validated) belief that ALL children are musical, the program provides a playful environment in which families can make music together, and thereby offer children the support they deeply need in order to grow into the music-makers they were born to become. I have been teaching Music Together for seven  years, and in the summer of 2010 I completed the highest level of Music Together training — Level II Certification (practicum project pending).

This semester, I teach classes in Montclair on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. For more class information, visit www.MusicTogetherOfMontclair.com.

In addition to my regular teaching schedule, I also give thought-provoking, fun, and interactive presentations on early childhood music development to community groups, schools, and churches. Even when I’m not presenting to a group, I find myself talking passionately about early childhood music development (and what grown-ups can do to most effectively support this development) whenever the opportunity arises! For more information on these presentations/workshops, please email me: anne@annesailer.com.

For a peek at the “among other things” that I mentioned at the top of the page, please visit my full website: www.annesailer.com.


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