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Children + Music = Brain Power!

12 Jan

From a neurological perspective, why is it important to listen to and play music from an early age?” That’s what Salon.com asked of Don Campbell, co-author of the new book Healing at the Speed of Sound. Here is Campbell’s answer:

The more participation there is with music early on—through singing and movement—the more it simultaneously activates multiple levels of the brain. If you look at the corpus callosum [of someone who plays music] there are more connections made between right and left sides. A child who is moving, dancing and singing learns coordination between their eye, ear and sound early on. And [the experience of participating in music education] helps integrate the social, the emotional and the real context of what we’re learning.

In other words, when our children engage with music—by playing with it, hearing it, seeing their important grown-ups making it—their brains become more connected and their learning becomes deeper and richer.

So, now when I mention in class that our children’s brains are wired for music, you’ll know I’m telling the truth!  🙂


Here’s the link to the full article: http://www.salon.com/2011/10/23/how_music_warps_our_minds/.